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Publish: 07.23.2012

Location, location, location, three rules of business that flooding does not follow. Floods can happen almost anywhere. They are not limited to coastal areas or to devastating tropical storms. Flooding happens in Sacramento too. In fact Sacramento is rich in history when comes to floods. Floods are the most common natural disaster. They happen more often and in more locations than you realize. So what is your flood risk? If you reside in the greater Sacramento area your risk is very high. So now we know living in Sacramento does have some added risk. If your home has been designated a high risk flood zone you probably are already paying flood insurance premiums. You may very well be paying a much higher premium than necessary. There are choices in flood insurance coverage. You may have heard that all flood insurance rates are the same. This is NOT true. If you live in Sacramento and are looking for an alternative to the high flood insurance rates you have been paying, look no more. Sacramento flood insurance offers lower premiums and broader coverage than the National Flood Insurance Program. High risk does not translate to high premiums if you have Sacramento Flood Insurance. Sacramento Flood Insurance rates are often 30-40% lower than the NFIP. So even if you think that you will never experience a flood, it is good to know that if that day should come you will be fully covered by an A+ rated insurance company. You don’t have to suffer financial devastation should you experience a flood in the Sacramento area. Flood insurance can be one of your best investments if your home is in the Sacramento area. For just pennies on the dollar Sacramento Flood Insurance provides the coverage you need to weather the storm.

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