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Publish: 09.15.2011

Flood insurance in Long Beach is important for property owners to safeguard themselves and their homes during a flood, which often finds itself struggling with inundation during rainy days. A major rainstorm breakout or sudden sea level rise can cause extreme flooding conditions in Long Beach, which means huge losses for homeowners. Flood insurance is the best recourse to prevent yourself and your family. A Long Beach CA flood insurance policy would come to your rescue and prevent significant financial losses.
The good news for residents of Long Beach is that the city is a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program, thus property owners here can have access to federally backed flood insurance, which is available to all insurable property owners in the form of Preferred Risk flood insurance and Standard or Regular flood insurance. However, some residents do live in A and AE flood zones with higher rates. We have a new program that can save up to 40% off the NFIP program. Even if you are a tenant, you can apply for flood insurance Long Beach as a protection for your personal property against flood loss.

Risk of Flooding in Long Beach

Winter rains in Long Beach are also capable of causing flooding. Long Beach is like a barrier island, which means that even a few inches of water can cause severe flooding and related destruction, costing thousands of dollars in repair and restoration.
The city being particularly vulnerable to being severed by a rainstorm, a flood insurance Long Beach policy offers you the best recourse to safeguarding your family in the event of a flood. If you believe that your standard homeowners insurance policies cover all the damages due to floods, then prepare yourself for bearing all the losses if a flood occurs in your area. Thus the need for a separate Long Beach flood insurance policy arises for the residents of the city to stay protected against damages.
If you are under the impression that you live in a low risk flood zone and might never be caught off guard by a flood or rain storm, you alone would be responsible to bear all the flood damages in the absence of a Long Beach flood insurance policy.
Though Long Beach has a Multi-Hazard Functional Plan in place as a flood warning system to prepare residents for an imminent flood, the recent storms have caused considerable devastation, showing that it is still vulnerable to natural hazards. In fact, tidal changes, land erosion, and reckless land use contribute to the flooding risk in Long Beach. Flood insurance in Long Beach is available to its residents both within and outside the floodplains.

Contact Private Insurers: Contact Us for Flood Insurance Long Beach

The cost of your Long Beach flood insurance policy will vary depending on the degree of flood hazard in your area and the amount of coverage. If you live in a flood hazard area, flood insurance cost would be comparatively higher than the low risk zone.
To get Long Beach flood insurance coverage for your home and business, contact us now! Contact us for an affordable flood insurance quote, for we offer you the best combination of price and coverage. Our new private insurance carrier is offering rates lower than the National Flood Insurance Program. Call us now to get a quick flood insurance quote – Toll Free (855) CAL-FLOOD (225-3556)

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